American Amber Ale

Amber and Brown American Beer

Pale Ale Family

See also: California Common, American Brown Ale

5.4% Alk.
13.1° Plato
33 IBU
Farbe: 14 °L


American Amber Ale has a characteristic, often citrusy hop aroma from American hop varieties from dry hopping or in-kettle hopping. It has a medium to high maltiness and can also feature a hint of caramel.

The color can be amber to copper brown depending on the volume of caramel malts. The appearance of this style can be quite similar to the American Pale Ale The most common malts of this style are Pale ale malt (American two-row) and medium to dark crystal malts. It can also include additional specialty grains.

Note: This style that is also known as Red Ale originates from brewers in California and the Pacific Northwest.

Among the typical examples of this style is North Coast's Red Seal Ale