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The oldest and most authentic brewery in Wallonia The roots of Brasserie Dubuisson are in the distant past. Furthermore, this brewery is able to lay claim to a badge of honour that is envied by many of its rivals: it is the oldest brewery in Wallonia. Brasserie Dubuisson was founded in 1769 by Joseph Leroy, an ancestor on the maternal side of the current owner, Hugues Dubuisson. In its current location, eight generations of Dubuisson brewers have passed on their skills father to son, and this family-owned brewery remains independent to this day. In fact, the family brewing tradition goes back even further. Before 1769, Joseph Leroy and his team brewed beer in Ghissegnies Castle, directly opposite the current brewery. The Austrian Holy Roman Empress, Maria-Theresa, put an end to the unfair advantage enjoyed by castle breweries, who were exempt from paying tax. And, when in 1769 a general prohibition on castle breweries was declared, Joseph Leroy decided to set up his own brewery in what is still the home of the Dubuisson Brewery’s. Joseph established himself as an independent farmer-brewer, a small operator brewing the beer enjoyed by the local farm workers. It wasn’t until many years later, in 1931, that Alfred Dubuisson closed down the farm to become a full-time brewer. With his brother, Amédée Dubuisson, he bought his parents’ farm-brewery and renamed the business Brasserie Dubuisson Frères. Between its foundation in 1769 and the year 1931, European history marched past this little farm business. Napoleon’s troops put up their tents here at the start of the 19th century. The brewery was requisitioned by the Germans in 1914 (and then again in 1940). However, the Dubuisson family turned their fortunes around every single time, re-building their premises and renovating their equipment. In 1933 Hugues’ grandfather, Alfred Dubuisson, launched a Belgian degustation beer in the style of the English beers that were so fashionable in those days. This is how the Bush Beer, the English name for Dubuisson Bier, first saw the light. The Bush Beer recipe has remained unchanged for 80 years and Bush is now one of the oldest Belgian brands on the beer market. Ever since its foundation, Brasserie Dubuisson has remained true to its basic principles and values: a 100% independent brewery the production of 100% natural beers without artificial additives a refusal to produce label beers (the same beer marketed under different names) complete control of the brewing process without outsourcing