Blackcyl Special Edition

Trzech Kumpli

Specialty IPA: Black IPA

Stil: 7.3 Alk., 16.6° Plato, 70 IBU, Farbe: 33 °L


When brewing Black IPA it’s easy to overdo the dark, burnt malt and end up with an “ashy” flavour, completely burying the amazing American hops. The only difference between our Black IPA and a light IPA is that… it’s black – at least that’s what we aimed at, and we’re told we did quite well! Still, with Blackcyl Special Edition, we went one step further. Naturally, we used a whole lot of amazing American hops, but just before bottling we additionally circulated the whole tank through orange, red grapefruit, lime and lemon peels. To sum up, what you get is a super-rich mix of citrus fruits, resin and undergrowth followed by light notes of dark malt. The effect is captivating! We started on a small scale, but your feedback has been so positive that we were left with no choice but go big and add it to our portfolio. It seems to be a good decision as we won gold for this beer in Craft Beer Contest in Poland.


Hopfen: Cascade Columbus Simcoe


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