Cuvée des Trolls


Belgian Golden Strong Ale

Stil: 9.0 Alk., 20° Plato, 29 IBU, Farbe: 5 °L


The Cuvée des Trolls was created in 2000 in the tanks of microbrewery Le Brasse-Temps, which was established in Louvain-la-Neuve by Brasserie Dubuisson. It is an unfiltered blonde beer with a natural cloud. The beer is produced using only yeast, malt, hops, sugar and water and has an alcohol volume of 7%. Thanks to the addition of dried orange peel during the boiling process, the beer has very pleasant fruity aromas that are in beautiful harmony with its delicate, fully rounded taste. The Cuvée des Trolls is pale yellow in colour. Its rich and complex palette offers aromas ranging from fresh white and yellow fruits with impressions of citrus (tangerine) to touches of honey. It is an exquisitely balanced and barely bitter beer that tastes full in the mouth and has sufficient body.



Furukama hat Cuvée des Trolls bewertet mit (4.25) 4 years ago honey Farbe: 4
Willowglenlover hat Cuvée des Trolls bewertet mit (3.50) "thought I had a mixture of a Bock Beer and a Geuze in my glass... very unassuming hop aromas, strong citrus notes" 5 years ago Farbe: 4