Kiwi's Playhouse

Brooklyn Brewery

Mixed-Fermentation Sour Beer

Stil: 0.0 Alk., -616.9° Plato, 0 IBU, Farbe: 0 °L

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The kiwi fruit is a very odd thing indeed. It’s sweet, tart, playful....but also brown, furry, and supernatural green on the inside. Frankly, the kiwi is altogether weird, but it’s also pretty delicious. Did we go there? We sure did, by peeling an entire pallet-full of ripe fresh kiwi fruit and adding it to a finely tuned sour beer in red wine barrels for a few months. We blended this with another beer that's spent over a year in barrels to add extra complexity, and then re-fermented it all in the bottle.



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