Dunkle Materie


Specialty IPA: Black IPA

Stil: 7.3 Alk., 16.6° Plato, 70 IBU, Farbe: 33 °L


It’s mysterious, not (yet) proven, though required to explain gravitational interdependencies in space – Dunkle Materie (“Dark Matter”). In this case, it refers to the mystic interdependencies between the malty roast flavours of a stout and the floral hop notes of an IPA. A black IPA, also called Cascadian dark ale or American black ale, is a fairly young kind of beer that, similar to dark matter, often needs explaining. A deeply black beer, topped by a fine and creamy head, it looks just like a classic Stout. On your lips, however, there is an intensely hoppy aroma that is similar to an India Pale Ale. At first, intense roast flavours reminiscent of espresso and dark chocolate dominate. These are quickly joined by floral, citrus-like hop notes that towards the end come to prevail. Each and every sip brings new nuances. The Black IPA wants to be explored anew every time, just like dark matter – the Dunkle Materie.


Hopfen: Amarillo Cascade Columbus
Malze: Gerstenmalz, geröstet Münchner Malz Gerstenmalz - Pilsner Malz


Willowglenlover hat Dunkle Materie bewertet mit (4.25) "total darkness!!! some coffee notes in here. " 6 years ago coffee Farbe: 40